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Magnecards are magnetic cards that you can stick to a special table during long road trips. The table is 20 x 25 cm and is made for the cards. It is easy to fold out. And  its lightweight! All together this will cost $24.99 cad! That’s ~$3 less than the cheapest one on amazon!!! Amazing! Not only that, but if you buy in bulk you save BIG!!!!! The ultimate tool for car trips,  windy days, and every other contingency!!! Magnecards!! Get yours today.


​The idea for Magnecards was first conceived for the Invention Convention contest in Oakville, ON and is now available for pre-order! Magnecards are a deck of magnetic playing cards and a specially designed magnetic board that you can use to play cards during long road trips or other stuff like that without the cards sliding around or falling. Magnecards are better than card game apps because you can play any game you want on them, even if it's made up by you. Magnecards can never die, unlike phone or computer applications, and if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a 30% refund.

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